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October 2012 

The International Business Company (IBC) is by far the most popular offshore investment vehicle available in Seychelles.  The Seychelles IBC is a tax-free corporation designed for engagement into all forms of international business. Recent amendments to the Seychelles International Business Companies Act 1994, adopted the minimum requiremens for account record-keeping. The records are kept and file at the registered agent office only and not made public thus guaranteeing comprehensive confidentiality.

The main features of the Seychelles IBC are:

  • Only one director and one shareholder are required (corporate directors and shareholders are allowed
  • Shareholders, directors and officers need not be resident in the Seychelles and there is no stipulation as to their nationality
  • There is no minimum capital requirement.  Shares may be registered and issued in any currency (however, are usually registered in USD)
  • Accounts are not filed with the Registrar of Companies
  • Shareholders and directors meetings need not be held in the Seychelles and can be held by telephone
  • The Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association are the only documents to be held on the public record
  • No pubic registers of Members or Directors.  Disclosure of company information may only be made by the Registered Agent on presentation of a Court Order issued by the Seychelles Supreme Court.
  • Competitive registrar license fees fixed for life

IBC status is granted subject to certain conditions:

  • Must have a registered agent and registered office in Seychelles
  • No business may be transacted with residents of the Seychelles
  • No ownership interest in real property in the Seychelles is permitted

IBCs are permitted various activities within the Seychelles without compromising their offshore status under the Act; some of these include:

  • Ownership of a vessel (ship/yacht) registered in Seychelles
  • Ownership of shares in other Seychelles companies, whether under the Act (offshore) or the Companies Ordinance, 1972 (domestic)

The above facts are given as general information only and any further details may be obtained by contacting us directly.

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